Sooyoung participates in the ALS ice bucket challenge



Soshi’s Sooyoung “Not just a one time thing, but has a consistent interest in helping’ participates in ice bucket challenge

1. [+2,652, -79] SNSD members go and check up on coach Park Seungil frequently. It’s really nice of them.

(TN: Park Seungil is a former basketball player for Korea’s national team who was diagnosed with ALS, which effectively ended his career)

2. [+2,220, -62] This isn’t just a one-time thing for Sooyoung. SNSD and Sooyoung have been donating to and have raised awareness for ALS since 2010. For four years now, they’ve been visiting Park Seungil and have been giving him a lot of support. in 2011, he even went to their concert. Sources:

3. [+2,172, -46] This is the 4th year now that Sooyoung and SNSD have been helping out Park Seungil and ALS. She did the ice bucket challenge because Yang Donggeun challenged her.

4. [+1,881, -38] She properly informed the purpose of the challenge and even donated.. How nice to see.

5. [+1,703, -55] She has such a beautiful heart.

6. [+269, -6] For a long time now, Sooyoung has frequently visited Park Seungil and would go to basketball games with him. I think that’s why she properly informed people about the purpose of the challenge.

7. [+269, -7] Even before this trend, SNSD’s Sooyoung has always donated, helped out and raised awareness. She’s truly amazing.

8. [+258, -8] Sooyoung and SNSD have diligently helped ALS patients for four years now. This isn’t the first time she’s helping out; there’s even articles about it.

9. [+252, -7] Glad to see she participated in the ice bucket challenge and made sure the purpose of it was well known.

10. [+238, -7] Our Sooyoungie so pretty.